Welcome to Macy’s Classic Stove Works ! We have been Restoring, Repairing, and Refurbishing vintage stoves and heaters since 1970. Thats right ! Forty Two years.  We service the public not only in Texas, but all over the United States. We are the best at what we do. We deal with and have parts for……

O’Keefe and Merritt

  • One of the largest manufacturers of stoves in the 1950s, O’Keefe and Merritt produce a large selection of appliances. Its stoves were a consumer’s favorite, as several sizes were available–a small “apartment” stove or a larger range for home kitchens. They were most often made from porcelain and featured large chrome handles and knobs. Consumers could choose from a rainbow of colors. Today we will provide most colors imaginable. We have a large inventory of O’Keefe & Merritt ranges that are clean and all gas parts work.


    • Chambers is another antique that is a collector’s favorite. Chambers was an innovator in the industry and featured some of the most creative designs of the period. Its stoves were some of the most insulated models available, meaning lower gas bills and heating costs. Most of its pieces came with a full 25-year warranty, and the stove offered a compact look with large cooking area. The C-Series, for example, included a single-, double- or triple-boiler, as well as three tiers of cooking space and a “service cabinet” to hold pots and pans. Chambers products were offered in small or large models and came in several colors. We have a large inventory of Chambers ranges. We can also take yours and make it look brand new!


      • The Wedgewood Co. began producing stoves as early as 1910, and continued into the 1940s and 1950s. The company was one of the most popular during the time. Though a well-refurbished model may sell for as much as $4,000. Wedgewood models were one of the most durable, and came in a range of sizes from 36 to 60 inches across. Depending on the model, customers could select gas burners, build-in warming drawers or a stove-top griddle. We have Wedgwood In stock, and we will surely give you a great deal on one.

        A list of a few other ranges we have parts and do repairs for…

        MAGIC CHEF










        AND MANY MORE !!!

        There are a number of different ranges that we have serviced. In Forty Two years we have seen a lot of different sizes and styles that have come from all across the country. We take pride in our work and we always aim to do the best job possible.We would like to thak you for visiting us on the web. We hope you find everything you need at MACY’S CLASSIC STOVE WORKS !




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  1. Jill Criswell says:

    I would like to find a Tappan gas range. Single oven would be ok but I prefer double. Do you have a Tappan in stock or could you keep my email address in case you get one? Thank you!

  2. Suzanne Lewis says:

    I am the very lucky owner of a 1940 O’Keefe and Merritt 6 burner 2 broiler, 2oven range. I ‘ve had it reconditioned about 8 years ago. Now I wish I had had electonic ignitions put in because while it is great for cozy winters, my fruit turns in one day because it keeps the kitchen sooooo very warm in the Spring and Summer. Also the the warmer and stove section that is stacked has turned brown and I suspect a sheild was left out, or not enough air??I don’t know I’m not the expert. Just love to cook. Any ball park figure on the ignition costs? I have already used my friend quota moving all 800 lbs. the first time so not sure when I could bring it if I can afford it. Just inquiring. Thanks for your time! Suzanne Lewis

  3. Tina Pleasant says:

    Can you restore / refinish old Chambers Stove. Can you put an ignition starter for the burners /oven and calibrate the temperture? How much would something like this cost?
    Thanks, Tina

  4. chambers stove user says:


    In goggling I found an old paper clipping (circa 1999) stating you repair and have parts for chambers stoves. We have a late 40′s chambers stove and are looking for parts. Specifically, the little angled pilot light tube fittings, the are square, and fit at the end of the pilot light tube and angles at a 90 degree into the burner assembly to light the assembly.

    If you are still in the repair and parts business, please let me know if you can help, or whoever can if your our of that line of work.

    Thank you for your time.
    A Chambers lover.

  5. Pamela Green says:

    Mr Johnson, I posted the WedgeWood stove on Craigslist, Houston and this person is interested. Please get in contact and send more pictures.

    Hi Pam,
    I wanted to inquire as I’m based near Toronto Canada and can’t some see the stove in person, are there more pictures that you can supply? I’m looking to have one of these models restored for my wife (who just cracked the top of our radiant heat stove!) as a surprise. I hear there is a good place called Macy’s in Houston.. not sure how far that is from you… I’d love to get it fixed up

    Kevin McAuslan

  6. chambers stove user says:

    We have a model C style 90 super deluxe.

    We noticed there were 2 addresses in Houston TX for Macy’s Classic Stove Works. We would like to drop by and see if you have a Chambers stove part (see comment 518, June 25th, below we posted).

    What locations in Houston are open and what are the store hours?

    Thank you for your time.
    A Chambers lover.

  7. Elton says:

    Hello . We are located at 2706 Collingsworth. That is our one and only location.

  8. Mark Brent says:

    From Mark Brent; I have a ORIOLE and need some parts one is what ever goes between the two oven doors and the peace thats on the stove top over the gas pipe like
    an little extension.

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